Jacquelyn Curtis
LL.B.(Hons), B.Cmn
Senior Associate

Jacqui joined the firm in 2019 as a Senior Associate. Shortly after joining our firm, Jacqui became an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Specialist Accreditation is a peer to peer assessment process recognising practitioners for their expertise. To gain accreditaton, Jacqui was required to complete a series of meticulous assessments on her legal knowledge and its application to practice in family law.

Jacqui’s past experience includes working with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds in her roles in a niche family law practice in London and here in Australia. Before being admitted as a lawyer, Jacqui spent two years working as an Associate to one of the current Canberra Federal Circuit Court Judges. She brings with her valuable knowledge about the process and inner workings of the family law Courts.

Jacqui assists clients with matters across the family law spectrum including parenting, property and financial and child support cases. While Jacqui recognises the benefits of a conciliatory approach to her practice, she is a talented and experienced Court-room litigator who advocates strongly for her clients. Jacqui will explore and recommend the appropriate pathway to address your concerns and achieve your objectives.

Adopting an empathetic approach to her interactions with clients, Jacqui will ensure you are understood and competently guided throughout the course of your matter.

Jacqui employs her exemplary drafting skills when assisting clients with Binding Financial Agreements, complex financial and property orders and Child Support Agreements. She particularly enjoys the strategic component of preparing affidavit material and submissions for use in Court proceedings.

Jacqui is not only a highly accomplished lawyer, she also holds a communications degree and law degree with honours. However her biggest achievement (and most challenging) to date is as a separated parent. Jacqui co-parents her child in a cooperative, pragmatic and child focussed arrangement. Jacqui endeavours to educate her clients to strive for a low-conflict and respectful separation wherever possible, keeping the children’s interests firmly in mind.