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Collaborative Law

At Phelps Reid Foster Johnson Lawyers, our passion is to help you resolve your family law matters without going to court. We believe that open, honest communication paves the way for productive negotiations. At an already stressful time in your life, we aim to provide you with effective solutions reached amicably. For this reason, we love to collaborate. Collaborative law will help you maintain a civil, ongoing relationship with your ex-partner. This is a particularly valuable outcome for parents who wish to continue co-parenting children of all ages. Collaboration will allow you to create your own tailored solution for your family, without having a decision imposed on you by a judge. The process focusses on what each party is truly interested in achieving from a settlement, rather than what they may legally have a ‘right’ to, and finds creative ways to achieve these interests for both parties. The process is founded upon mutual respect, the ability to listen to one another’s position with interest and concern, and let go of the past in order to focus on the future.

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