Gemma White
LL.B. (Hons), B.AsPacSec

Gemma is a warm and empathetic lawyer who thrives on understanding the human story behind each client. She is efficient and organised and is recognised for her sensitive approach to clients.

Gemma’s expertise extend beyond her people skills. She graduated from University with first class honours in her law degree. She thrives on the intellectual challenges presented in family law and is one of the few practitioners who can say that they enjoy reading the Court rules!

Gemma understands that relationships are complicated and nuanced and seeks to guide clients through the law system with compassion, reassurance and dedication. She has a flair for keeping a level head during stressful situations and her non-legal life experiences ensures she brings a well-rounded approach to solving legal problems. Gemma has lived on islands in the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean and countries across the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, which has reinforced her dedication to providing diversity and cultural awareness to her clients.

During her down time, Gemma enjoys plotting her next adventure - whether it be orangutan trekking in the jungles of Borneo or a cheeky car camping escape to the south coast.

Gemma is a member of the ACT Law Society, Family Law Section, Women Lawyers Association of the ACT and the Canberra Region Family Law Professionals Association.